The fencing room & lessons

The original Maître van Oeveren fencingschool, affiliated to a national federation dates from1967. The Dutch version till 1991 and from then on in France.

The enthousiasm from children as well as their parents, is no doubt due to the high level of teaching by the fully diplomed professor of fencing. The level of the pupils is constantly on the way up.In the Salle Van Oeveren, according to some people the most beautiful in the world, the trainings are firstly directed to a good physical condition. A serious warming up, in a sensibly warmed salle and on a save wooden floor, prevents injuries. Clear explications how to obtain a sound technique and transparent aproaches to one of the most important issues, the tactic.

Open all year around.It is possible to have privat lessons by the hour or one-day session or more and also trainingsweeks can be organised.

Lessons can be given in french, english, german and dutch. Equipement available. Possibilty of renting an apartment in the château (see website of the gîtes).